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The Mack-Blackwell Rural Transportation Center (MBTC) has operated as a Department of Transportation University Transportation Center since 1992 and has a strong history of working with government agencies and private industry to identify and provide impactful solutions to transportation challenges. MBTC is a member of the Department of Homeland Security National Transportation Security Center of Excellence, which is dedicated to solving critical scientific and technological issues related to multimodal transportation security at the national level. MBTC researchers are nationally known for their expertise in:

  • Advanced pavement and structural materials
  • Economic and operations analysis of inland waterways
  • Emergency logistics planning
  • Foundation/soil-structure interaction modeling and design
  • Freight data analysis and modeling
  • Multimodal network optimization
  • Pavement design, construction, evaluation, and rehabilitation
  • Seismic modeling and design
  • Structural design, modeling, and health monitoring
  • Transportation systems engineering