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Undergraduate Options

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Civil Engineering offers the BSCE degree, with an optional emphasis in transportation. Transportation-related CVEG courses include...

  • facility design and construction
  • transportation planning
  • traffic operations
  • traffic safety
  • public transportation
  • geometric design of streets and highways
  • transportation pavements and materials

Graduates of the department are prepared for advanced transportation engineering programs or careers with state and federal transportation agencies, design consultants, materials suppliers, planning agencies, local governments, and transportation trade associations.

Undergraduate studies in the Department of Industrial Engineering lead to the BSIE degree. Transportation-related program areas in INEG include...

  • safety engineering
  • human factors and ergonomics
  • industrial and transportation logistics
  • operations research
  • materials handling
  • simulation and modeling
  • network analysis

Industrial engineers integrate engineering skills with mathematics and computer science tools, providing systematic ways to maximize productivity and quality while minimizing time and cost.
For undergraduate business administration students, the Department of Marketing and Transportation offers a Transportation major leading to the BSBA degree. TLOG studies include undergraduate courses in...

  • principles of transportation
  • carrier management
  • business logistics
  • transportation and logistics strategy
  • international transportation and logistics
  • purchasing and inventory systems

This program prepares students for advanced transportation studies or for managerial positions with major carrier and shipper organizations.