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Current News

Released March 2010: MBTC DOT 3013 - Accelerated Characterization of Full-Scale Flexible Pavements Using a Vibroseis

Released February 2010:MBTC DHS 1103 - Automated Real-Time Object Detection and Recognition on Transportation Facilities

MBTC DOT 3009, Economic Issues Related to Continuous Supercritical Biodiesel Production

MBTC DHS 1102 - Simulating Large-Scale Evacuation Scenarios in Commercial Shopping Districts - Methodologies and Case Study

MBTC DOT 2055.2067 - Roadway Median Treatments Phase 1 and Phase 2

Released January 2010: MBTC DOT 3011, Analysis of Transportation Network Design Strategies for Forced Transfer Busing

MBTC DOT 3008, Emergency Response via Inland Waterways

Released December 2009: MBTC Fall 2009 Newsletter

Released October 2009: MBTC DOT 2090/3002, Performance Prediction of the Strong Company's Soft Ground Arrestor System Using a Numerical Analysis

Released August 2009: MBTC Annual Report 2008-2009

MBTC DOT 2095/3004, Potential Application of Nanotechnology on Cement Based Materials

Released July 2009: MBTC 2091, Rural Transportation Emergency Preparedness Plans

MBTC 3010, A Cost-Driven Policy Approach for Development of On-Street and Off-Street Bicycle, Multi-Use and Single-Use Paths and Related Facilities

Released June 2009: MBTC 2096/3007,Solar Power Lighting for Overhead Highway Signs

Released April 2009: MBTC Spring 2009 Newsletter

Released February 2009: MBTC 2099/3006,Identification and Analysis of High Crash Segments on Interstate, US, and State Highway Systems of Arkansas